The Pox Attack

Posted by mancheri in 07. Feb, 2011, under drugs, health

If you think vaccines are mainly used to protect kids from diseases like chicken pox then think again. Chicken pox is a contagious but mild viral infection in children. Symptoms are more severe for adults. This is how I fought the pox when I was a young adult.

Letting Go Like You Mean It

Posted by mancheri in 04. Feb, 2011, under relationship

Here are some tried and tested ways to really let go of your ex and get your act together after you have finally said goodbye.

Why We Just Love Romantic Comedies

Posted by mancheri in 03. Feb, 2011, under entertainment, relationship

Romantic comedies are more realistic than we give them credit for. They have bad hair day, hang over, horrible temper and even poor posture which give us a reason to laugh at ourselves and think everything is gonna be all right.

Are You Positive About Positive Thinking?

Posted by mancheri in 01. Feb, 2011, under personal development

Why are some people attracted to or interested in positive thinking while others are not? You know the answer. Right! It’s the thinking. Some believe it works while others don’t. That’s the truth staring at you right in the eye. (Don’t laugh but at this point, just like everybody else, I am fixing myself a [...]

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Posted by mancheri in 29. Jan, 2011, under marriage, relationship, sex

Do you find yourself saying “Not tonight, honey” more often lately? Are you bored already? Here are some tips on getting more fun in bed other than a pillow fight.

Some of Us Do Not Like These on Facebook

Posted by mancheri in 27. Jan, 2011, under Facebook

Nobody…or no social network is perfect. I am being defensive, yes I admit (no! Facebook don’t kick me out just yet!), but these are just observations that could translate into new lines of code to improve the site or a change in social behavior online.  I have to confess that I am or we are [...]